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My Erotic Adventure

My Erotic Adventure
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Lynne, your closest friend, has abandoned you again, ball-gowned and bejeweled, but don't be fooled by this charity event. The attendees are a sexy and adventurous bunch, and you are first among their desires. How will you handle their advances? The choice is yours.

My Erotic Adventure is a sensual, witty and playful romp that follows you, the main character, through one daring night of opportunity. Will you accept an indecent proposal, try your hand at S&M, attend an anonymous orgy, or risk having sex in public? Will you allow yourself to be videotaped, enjoy a threesome, or chance finding love through expressions of lust? Only you can choose the next step.

This erotic exploration of flirtation, dalliance, and sexual self-expression promises to educate, entertain, and enthrall women and men of all ages and backgrounds. As the narrator of your own story, you'll navigate real-life sexual dilemmas, experience surprise endings that leave you laughing, and luxuriate in steamy scenes of lustful abandon. With unexpected twists and 48 unique endings, My Erotic Adventure is sure to broaden your horizons, bring a blush to your cheeks, and make you long for more. Let the adventure begin!

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