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Monkey Spank!

Monkey Spank!
Monkey Spank!Monkey Spank!Monkey Spank!


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Monkey Spank! is the awesome new card game of quick eyeballs, kinky minds, and dirty mouths!

Let's face it: humans think about naughty things and humor everyday. So why not combine these things that people love doing: awkwardly talking about body parts, playing games with their friends, and yelling profanities? Doesn't this sound like the trifecta of being adult-ish?

Each and every Monkey Spank playing card in the deck has one corresponding matching image or word. Be the first to find the match, call it out loud and play your card for the win! Keep playing until one player finishes playing all the cards in their hand. If you can't find a match, keep looking... every card in the deck has a corresponding match.

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