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Life Love Lust

Life Love Lust


Code: dvdS0232

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Feminist Porn Award-winning director Erika Lust proves that she's still the best at what she does. The three stories in Life Love Lust are authentic, romantic, nuanced and beautifully filmed. Everything takes place in Barcelona but the stories are told without dialogue, meaning that this subtitle-free flick speaks the universal language of love.

The first scene involves two busy restaurant workers who find time at the end of their shift for a divine stress-relieving indulgence. Scene two involves a chance encounter on the street that leads into a whirlwind romance followed by frantic encounter. The sex, which takes place during an achingly beautiful sunny afternoon, is both gorgeous and inspiring. In scene three we watch a woman enjoy a sensual massage given by her sexy female masseuse. The tension they build together is almost unbearable as the massaged woman lies back and allows herself to be rubbed, pleasured, licked and teased without any expectation of reciprocation.

The stories told in this film are not, as is usually the case, a vehicle to expedite a sex scene — they are integral to the action and provide a context that feels utterly authentic. If you've been looking for a quality adult film that prioritizes emotion and romance, then look no further. Life Love Lust is exactly what you’ve been waiting for.

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