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The Big Book of Sex Toys




Are you looking to take your sex life from everyday to extraordinary? Renowned author, sex expert, and adult film director Tristan Taormino has put together the ultimate guide to choosing, buying, and getting the most sexual satisfaction from your sex toys. Whether you're looking to liven up solo sex, hit hot spots more easily, give your partner new sensations, or add new twists to classic positions, inside you'll find what you need.

Sexy photos take the guesswork out of how to integrate toys with positions, oral sex, and hand moves, as well as how to get in and out of strap-ons, slings, and swings like a pro. Whether you're a curious novice or an advanced aficionado, The Big Book of Sex Toys offers recommendations and advice for the top toys in every category — from vibrators to butt plugs to bondage — and tells you everything you need to know but were too shy to ask.

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