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FC2 Internal Condom




The FC2 internal condom (also known as the female condom) is a strong, thin, and flexible nitrile sheath 6.5 inches in length (the same length as an external condom). Worn internally during sex, the FC2 condom has a flexible polyurethane ring at the closed end of the sheath (the end that is inserted) and a soft nitrile ring at the open end of the sheath (the end that remains outside of the body) There is silicone-based lubricant on the inside of the condom.

The FC2 condom works to prevent pregnancy and STIs, including HIV, by lining the vagina or anus. An erection is not required for the FC2 to be used which can enhance couple intimacy. The FC2 condom offers another option to the external condom and is a great choice for people with latex sensitivity.

Click here for illustrations on how to use the FC2.

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