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Sex at Dawn




On an almost daily basis we are inundated with stories about the collapse of the latest celebrity marriage — and infidelity is almost always the cause of the break up. Is it even possible for two people to stay together happily over an extended period of time? Since Darwin's day, we've been told that sexual monogamy comes naturally to our species. It doesn't, and it never has.

In Sex at Dawn, renegade researchers Christopher Ryan and Cacilda Jethá debunk almost everything we think we know about sex while offering a bold alternative explanation for why we live and love as we do. Ryan and Jethá show how our promiscuous past haunts our current struggles regarding monogamy, sexual orientation, and family dynamics. Some of the themes they explore include:

  • why long-term fidelity can be so difficult for so many
  • why sexual passion tends to fade even as love deepens
  • why many middle-aged men risk everything for an affair
  • why homosexuality persists in the face of standard evolutionary logic
  • what the human body reveals about the prehistoric origins of modern sexuality

In the tradition of the best historical and scientific writing, Sex at Dawn unapologetically upends unwarranted assumptions and unfounded conclusions while offering a revolutionary understanding of why we live and love as we do. A controversial, idea-driven book that challenges everything you know about sex, marriage, family, and society.

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