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The Multi-Orgasmic Couple




For couples interested in intimacy as much as sexuality and lovemaking, this inspirational and sexy love guide equips couples with everything they need to:

  • Cultivate desire and celebrate passion
  • Harmonize two distinct sexual temperaments to more deeply satisfy and pleasure one another.
  • Experience multiple, longer, and more intense whole-body orgasms
  • Channel sexual energy to improve health, stimulate creativity, and increase longevity
  • Practice "soul-mating" to achieve a profound and tangible spiritual union.

Erotic and instructive, intimate and witty, this guide, complete with sensual and instructional line drawings by the artist who illustrated The Joy of Sex books, demystifies classic Taoist principles and practices for fully realizing sexual potential and creating deeper, more fulfilling relationships. Couples will savor the experience of mastering the art of making love — and making love last.

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