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Sweet Danger: Erotic Stories of Forbidden Desire for Couples




Edited by Violet Blue, Sweet Danger is a delicious collection of exquisitely explicit stories aimed at inspiring couples to act on their long-held forbidden desires. In 22 superbly written tales of the taboo, the couples in Sweet Danger push the limits of sex, lust, and imagination as far as they can to please each other. In Erica Dumas' "Dress Me Up," a woman in an elegant restaurant is compelled to enter a situation with rough sex and voyeurism, while Thomas S. Roche's "Cocked and Loaded" begins with a day at the shooting range and climaxes back at home with some intense BDSM. This book features couples who want it so bad they can taste it. And they do, over and over again.

With contributed stories by Donna George Storey, N.T. Morley, M. Christian, Simon Torrio, P.S. Haven, Ainsleigh Foster, Saskia Walker, Oscar Williams, Erica Dumas, Sara DeMuci, Felix D'Angelo, Elizabeth Colvin, Skye Black, Thomas S. Roche, J. Hadleigh Alex, Marie Sudac, Jolie Joss, Eric Emerson, Isabelle Ross, and Sarah Sands.

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