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Sexing The Transman XXX 2




Sexing The Transman XXX: Volume Two is the follow-up to Buck Angel's ground-breaking, award-winning, educational adult series. This second docu-porn sensation consists of interviews combined with graphic sex and shows a more diverse group of transmen than Volume One. In addition to solo action, it also contains two scenes featuring couples — one of them with Buck and MTF porn star Wendy Williams. The other lets you into the bedroom of Dane and Marc, a real-life trans and cis-gendered pair.

Rude Bwoy is a transman of color who talks about transitioning and his pride in representing a group of transmen that he feels are not visible in the adult industry. He then shows us how he likes to jack off while watching porn.

Dominic Reinhold is a good-looking latino transman and when he gets down to the sex, you will not believe what you see: his is the most amazing FTM squirting scene EVER!

Tom Bruise is a super handsome trans leatherman who looks like Tom Cruise! He has a huge dildo and some very unique sex tricks to get himself off and he happily shares them with you.

Extras on this DVD include outtakes and photos.

The all-original soundtrack features transmale artists Wordz The Poet Emcee and Beau Dream.

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