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Bride of Sin




Bride of Sin, featuring bondage aficionado and redheaded beauty Madison Young, begins with a bachelorette party, where Ariel X offers to give Madison a striptease and a lapdance — complete with very strictly enforced no-touching rules. Of course, this rule applies only to Madison — Ariel feels free to touch her, grope her, slap her, sit her down on a dildo, and grind on her likewise bare lap. Eventually, a little foot worship and toe-sucking is permitted. Next we get to witness an intimate moment post-wedding-rehearsal, with lusciously becorseted Madison and Ariel making out on a pew. Madison turns the tables for our first real bondage, binding up Ariel with a rope harness and eating her out. Next comes "Bride on Bride" action when Madison's betrothed Selina Raven decides to give her a workout before the ceremony with spanking, fucking, rope bondage, and a dunk in a toilet bowl. Then we have "Confession" — of a decidedly non-traditional sort, as Madison kneels before a priest in the form of Claire Adams and admits her transgressions. Naturally, penance must be done, in the form of strict bondage, upside-down suspension, water dunking, strap-on face fucking, and other humiliations.

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