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Heartland: A Woman's POV




Join indie porn pioneer Madison Young on her sexual journey through America's Heartland, back to the place where she was born. As she rediscovers her roots, this revolutionary award-winning director encounters women who have been inspired and affected by her work. Madison divulges their intimate desires in this groundbreaking POV series, the first ever from a woman's point of view. Fans from all over get carnal with the camera, including a real Chicago couple, an Iowa grad student, and an Ohio sex educator with her play partner. Madison fulfills her own wet dreams of getting it on with her real–life college Hall Advisor and scoring a solo membership to the mile high club, reaching orgasm at an altitude of 20,000 feet in the airplane restroom.

Starring Madison Young, Billie Sweet, Cherries Jubalie, Alea, Peter Danger, Nicole, Red Hot Megan, and Rita Seagrave.

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