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DUDE Magazine is a collection of queer and trans perspectives on various topics related to trans guys. It explores sex, relationships, bodies and diversity between transguys and the wider community. DUDE recognizes and relishes that masculinity is nebulous, and that our relationships to it can be divergent, contradictory and ambiguous. DUDE's goal is to facilitate smoother, less awkward interactions between transguys and other people; particularly so we can all enjoy hotter, safer sex in more places, more often, with more people!

DUDE's second issue (DUDE 2) focuses on body image and diversity, with pieces on transitioning, cruising, queer porn, growing up in the 80s, and buying cocks for Christmas. Also in DUDE 2, creator and editor-in-chief Jez Pez interviews sexy queer porn superstar James Darling, who says candidly, "I have a cis male lover and I top him. What's not to love about being able to choose the size, length and width of your cock and it never goes soft!"

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