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Best Bondage Erotica 2013




As Kinky as You Want To Be

Some say bondage is the ultimate intimacy. Once you have allowed yourself to begin exploring your fantasies of surrendering to pleasure through bondage, you may need a firm but gentle hand to guide you. Let Best Bondage Erotica 2013 be your kinky playbook to erotic restraint—from silk ties and rope to shiny cuffs, blindfolds and so much more. These stories of forbidden desire will captivate, shock and arouse you. A curious couple discover each other's turn-ons during a Japanese rope bondage class in Elizabeth Coldwell's "An Introduction to Shibari," while Andrea Dale's "Steadfast" reveals just how sweet tough love can be at the hand of a commanding mistress. The adventurous lovers in Teresa Noelle Roberts's story throw open the bedroom door and put on a show in "The Great Outdoors." Savor these stories one click of the handcuffs at a time.

"People choose bondage—in real life or in their erotica—because through it they find freedom." —Graydancer, rope artist and author

With contributed stories by Elizabeth Coldwell, Annabeth Leong, Tiffany Reisz, Teresa Noelle Roberts, Thomas S. Roche, Mina Murray, Lucy Felthouse, Evan Mora, Valerie Alexander, Louise Blaydon, Sommer Marsden, Logan Zachary, Andrea Dale, Giselle Renarde, D.L. King, N.T. Morley, Monocle, Danielle Mignon, Medea Mor, Shoshanna Evers, Kay Jaybee, and Rachel Kramer Bussel.

RACHEL KRAMER BUSSEL ( is the editor of over forty anthologies, including Spanked; Bottoms Up; Please, Sir; Please, Ma'am; Orgasmic; Anything for You; and is the Best Bondage Erotica series editor. She writes widely about sex, dating, books and pop culture, and her work has been published in The Daily Beast, Salon, The Village Voice, Glamour and more.

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