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The Big Book of Bondage: Sexy Tales of Erotic Restraint




Nobody likes bondage more than editrix Alison Tyler, who is fascinated with the ecstasies of giving up, giving in, and entrusting one's pleasure (and pain) into the hands of another. The sensual stories in The Big Book of Bondage delve into a world of unrestrained passion, revealing heart-stopping dynamics that will thrill and inspire you. While cuffed and cropped, a sub forgets her safeword in the delightfully teasing "Small Mercie," by Rita Winchester. A dominating boss takes full control after office hours in ADR Forte's surprising "In Charge," while the demanding pro in Andrea Dale's "'Golf' Spelled Backwards" coaches a better performance from her (naked) caddy one fall afternoon.

Bondage means "I trust you to keep me safe," and yet BDSM can also mean "I trust you to hurt me." Because the most important part of bondage, of dominance — of all the slippery ways one can play with those concepts — is trust. Of course, in The Big Book of Bondage, trust involves leather cuffs, collars, whips, blindfolds, belts, gags, and toys.

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