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Rubber Sex




Powerful dommes in catsuits, luscious women in latex, hunky men showing off every straining inch in tight PVC... in Rubber Sex, Rachel Kramer Bussel showcases a world where skin gets slipped on tightly, then polished, stroked, and caressed — while the bodies inside heat up with lust. Thomas S. Roche depicts a very hot scene with a vac bed, a latex bed in which one can be entirely encased, with strategic openings for maximum arousal. Jeremy Edwards' protagonist in "Tire Stud" gets off on the smell, feel, and look of those round treads. The way rubber, latex, and PVC cling to the body — so tight there's no give, room only perhaps for some powder or the trickle of wetness to sneak in between — creates a second skin like no other. Find out why rubber adds an irresistible frisson to any erotic adventure.

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