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Girl Crazy: Coming Out Erotica




What happens when you succumb to the tingling excitement of taking what you've long desired? You go girl crazy. It's that surge of longing that floods body and soul, that mad rush of pleasure and pain, from tentative self-discovery to the first thrill of girl-on-girl play to deep explorations of the fiercer shores of sex. This one-of-a-kind collection from great writers in the genre Catherine Lundoff, D.L. King, Cheyenne Blue, and many more tell this story from every angle, whether coming out to yourself, your family, or the world.

Coeds acting out for Girls Gone Wild get even wilder once the cameraman goes home. A lonely busineswoman discovers, to her delight, how far, fast, and hard her young chauffeur can drive her. When a pair of butch buddies give in to their secret desire, the heat between them races out of control. These irresistible stories of first times of all kinds invite the reader to savor that delicious, dizzy feeling known as "girl crazy."

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