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Best Gay Erotica 2010

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When sexual intensity and literary flair meet, the result is Best Gay Erotica 2010. Series editor Richard Labonté gathers the most intelligent, provocative gay erotic fiction of each year. The 2010 edition, selected and introduced by guest judge Blair Mastbaum, features the private and public lusts of gay men in a collection of unparalleled hotness. In "A Beautiful Face," a male ingénue brings Hollywood to its knees, literally. "The Suburban Boy" reveals the real magic kingdom in central Florida, where every erotic with comes true.

Including: Hank Fenwick, Natty Soltesz, David May, Richard Hennebert, Simon Sheppard, Jimmy Hamada, Robert Patrick, Shane Allison, Tommy Lee "Doc" Boggs, Rachel Kramer Bussel, Thom Wolf, Trebor Healey, David Holly, Jamie Freeman, Jeff Mann, Jonathan Kemp, Rob Wolfsham, and Jan Vander Laenen.

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