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Melt, Chocolate Body Fondue




What's better than chocolate, better than sex? Having them both at the same time! Booty Parlor's Melt Chocolate Body Fondue is a luxurious chocolate paint made especially for the body. Get creative and frisky with this jar of delicious body paint and use the brush to create art you can eat!

Write naughty words on your lover's back (or other tempting body parts) with the included paint brush and have your "canvas" guess what you're writing. If they're right, you get to lick it off! The good news is that Melt is just as divine with ice cream, fruit, a spoon... another bonus? Melt's virtually fat-free!

7.5oz container. Ingredients: water, white sugar, brown sugar, dutch cocoa, whey protein concentrate, non-fat milk, potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate.

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