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Gaia Eco

Gaia Eco
Gaia EcoGaia EcoGaia EcoGaia EcoGaia EcoGaia EcoGaia EcoGaia EcoGaia Eco


Code: eld0017

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Simple and sleek, the Gaia Eco is more than just a basic vibrator — it's also biodegradable and recyclable! The Eco is crafted from a firm phthalate-free starch-based bioplastic called BioFeel, a polymer compound material mixed with corn starch. The production of BioFeel uses less energy and creates less greenhouse gas emission than standard plastic, and facilities around the country accommodate BioFeel as a recyclable and compostable material.

The Eco's classic design can be used for internal or external stimulation, with its slim 1" diameter profile and tapered tip for comfort. Multispeed steady vibrations are conveniently controlled by a twist of the dial on the base, so it's easy to find the perfect intensity. The Gaia Eco is easy to clean: just wash with warm soap and water before and after every use, and pat dry with a soft towel before storing.

This toy measures 7" long, 5.75" insertable, 1" in diameter and takes two AA batteries. It comes with a 60-day manufacturer’s warranty.

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