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Female Ejaculation for Couples

Female Ejaculation for Couples
Female Ejaculation for CouplesFemale Ejaculation for Couples


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Learn the basics of how to female ejaculate in this groundbreaking, best-selling program. Deborah Sundahl, the internationally recognized expert on the G-spot, guides three couples through the process of learning to female ejaculate. Each couple demonstrates how to arouse a woman and stimulate the G-spot. You will learn how to locate the G-spot and, with spectacular close-up photography, see what it actually looks like. In addition, you will see the best sex devices for stimulating the G-spot, and the sexual techniques and lovemaking positions to create fabulous gushing orgasms for your partner. Plus, see what role the clitoris plays in female sexual stimulation, how to have multiple orgasms using G-spot stroking during intercourse, and how to make love in new and exciting ways!

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