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Crave Duet Flex

Crave Duet Flex
Crave Duet FlexCrave Duet FlexCrave Duet FlexCrave Duet FlexCrave Duet Flex


Code: cra0008

By: Crave

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A reimagined, more pliable version of Crave's popular Duet vibe, the Duet Flex's unique dual tip design surrounds the clitoris and amplifies vibration where you want it most. The V-shaped edges and dual arms offer focused vibration, while the high-quality metal base and unique motor mounts keep the vibration at the silicone tips and not in your hand.

The Duet Flex is equipped with four steady vibration intensities and four patterns. Crave surveyed the first hundred Flex customers to collect data on which vibration patterns people preferred, then used the data to select the most desirable vibration patterns ever to appear in a single vibrator.

Recharge the Duet Flex by removing the cap on the base and plugging the toy directly into any standard USB port, where it will charge fully in under two hours. Hassle-free and environmentally-friendly, the Duet Flex also comes with a 1-year manufacturer's warranty.

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