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Code: dvdS0050

By: Blowfish

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Shine Louise Houston directs this steamy queer film in which Jessie Eaton (Syd Blakovich), a hotshot jock who can't let go of her ex-girlfriend, Cathy Summers (Jiz Lee), tries to make her way into women's professional Mixed Martial Arts boxing. Her plans hit a snag when a run-in with an old nemesis, Bobby Malone (Javier), blocks her way to the top. To save her career, she must throw the match that would surely be her ticket into the professional arena. Even trickier is her attraction to the woman she is supposed to beat, Violet Vahn (Dallas), who is Jessie's toughest opponent inside and outside the ring. It's a big lesson in humility and integrity for Jessie as she juggles her relationships and her career. Will she win or will she lose? What does winning and losing mean?

Starring Syd Blakovich, Dallas, Jiz Lee, Dylan Ryan, Madison Young, Javier, Brooklyn Flaco (non-sex), and Trouble Royale (non-sex).

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