Full-Bodied Fellatio

Wednesday, April 23rd — 7:30 p.m. — $20

What do you do when your partner lacks blowjob skills? Where do you go for training when you wish to improve your own? Here!

M. Makael Newby is a relationship coach and dance instructor with a particular skill for breaking physical action into components and teaching them with enthusiasm… and blowjobs are one of her favorite things. This class will educate both the givers and receivers. Come learn about creating anticipation, communication, preparing for success, hand skills, tongue tricks, prostate massage, deep throating, sloppy BJs, choking and forced gagging for both bio and strap-on penises. Live demo (on dildo) included.

Many of these techniques are included in My Erotic Adventure, her choose-your-own styled erotic novel. Get empowered to give and receive extraordinary head!

This class has already taken place. Thanks for attending!


Beyond Monogamy

Thursday, April 17th — 7:30 p.m. — $20

A growing number of people are exploring alternatives to monogamy, through swinging, polyamory, and other types of open relationships. If you or someone you know are one of those people, this might be the workshop for you!

Whether you are curious about opening up, already enjoying polyamory and wanting to do it even better, or facing obstacles in your non-monogamous relationship, AJ will help walk you through the challenges and benefits of ethical non-monogamy. She will discuss different styles of open relationships, talk about how to deal with common issues such as jealousy, resentment, time management, miscommunication, and New Relationship Energy (NRE), and will offer tips on dating/meeting new people, navigating different relationship structures and hierarchies, and coming out poly.

In this interactive workshop, AJ will guide participants through exercises that help them negotiate agreements/boundaries, design their own ideal open relationships, and practice nonviolent communication for deeper, more fulfilling connections. There will also be the option to hear about real-life triumphs and tribulations of other non-mono people in addition to learning how to find and build community. This is a 2-hour class.

AJ (aka Amory Jane) is one of She Bop’s in-house sex educators. She graduated with a master’s degree from Lewis & Clark College, where she studied Sex Therapy and Marriage, Couple, & Family Counseling. She has facilitated multiple discussion groups and taught dozens of sex education workshops around Portland and the Midwest. She also moonlights as a relationship coach, working with polyamorous individuals and couples in open relationships. AJ is an active member of the Portland poly community.

This class has already taken place. Thanks for attending!


Erotic Breathwork

Mkali-HashikiSunday, March 30th — 7:30 p.m. — $20

Breath is an anchor, a vehicle, a springboard. Breath connects us deeply to those around us, and erotic breathwork is a way to raise and circulate sexual energy. In this workshop, you will learn fundamental breathing techniques that will not only increase your connection to your own erotic power, but allow you to more easily share erotic energy with others. Participants will be doing a series of guided breathing exercises, individually and with class partners. This will be a lively and interactive class; this work is fun and energizing.

Participants are asked to wear comfortable clothing and to bring water. Although erotic breathwork can be used during physical intimacy, this is not a sexual techniques class — there is no nudity or sexual interaction/touching involved.

Mkali-Hashiki has facilitated and co-facilitated numerous workshops and panels on sexuality and politics across the country: at clinics, festivals, conferences, and universities. Her essays on various aspects of sexuality have been published in ‘zines, feminist journals, and popular anthologies. Hashiki believes that we are all entitled to have passion in our lives, and to understand how being connected to our passion and creativity enhances our lives and the lives of those around us. She has personal experience with polyamory, nonmonogamy, BDSM, and achieving sexual mystical states. It is her fierce passion for a happy, healthy, world that compels her to do this work.

This class has already taken place. Thanks for attending!


Partners in Passion: Becoming More Than Soul Mates

Mark A. Michaels and Patricia JohnsonWednesday, March 12th — 7:30 p.m. — $20

Great sex and lasting relationships are mutual undertakings that are nurtured by selflessness, the deliberate cultivation of what we call profound interest in one’s partner, a determination to be as kind as possible, even during difficult times, and a recognition that, while openness and honesty are important, discernment about when and how to be open and honest is equally important. Verbal communication plays a major role in developing the capacity to relate in this way; however, nonverbal skills are even more important.

In this workshop, Mark A. Michaels and Patricia Johnson will explore an approach to love and sex that differs dramatically from beliefs that are current both in popular culture and in much of the therapeutic community and provide you with both a theoretical perspective and practical tools for inventing or reinventing your relationship as a collaboration, a joint venture.

Authors Mark A. Michaels and Patricia Johnson have devoted their lives to studying and teaching the art of creating intimacy and to showing couples how to maintain and sustain exciting relationships. “Partners in Passion” themselves, they are critically acclaimed collaborators as well as respected and highly sought after teachers who have traveled the world sharing their insights, knowledge, and secrets — helping thousands of people to create enduring and satisfying relationships.

This class has already taken place. Thanks for attending!


Help Courtney Trouble deck out her new studio!

Help Courtney Trouble deck out her new studio!

Awesome news from queer porn filmmaker Courtney Trouble:

For the first time in all the twelve years I’ve been producing porn and making art my business with QueerPorn.TV and IndiePornRevolution.com, I will FINALLY have my very own art studio and place of business!! A REAL STUDIO!!! A place for screenings, performances, workshops, meetings, salons, play parties, readings, photo shoots, and art receptions. A place where new pornographers can come and shoot, a place where queer porn can be made every day, a place where my DVDs can be stored, my sets built, my paperwork kept safe. A place where people can learn and play and be safe and have fun and be serious and make money and build projects and keep this queer porn movement going strong in Oakland!

To furnish the studio with all the necessary accouterments of queer porn (such as the extremely important espresso machine — oh, and beds…), Trouble is running her own indie crowdfunding campaign. Chip in, and you can get rewards such as membership to her sites, digital downloads/DVDs, and banner advertising. The big ticket rewards include spending a night in the studio, a Skype date with Courtney Trouble, and having your name painted on the wall of the studio.

Here are the ways you can contribute:

Once you’ve made your purchase, email courtneytrouble at gmail dot com with the receipt and which reward tier you’d like.

We can’t wait to see the porn that is yet to be made in this exciting new space!


A big year in porn for women

A screenshot from Ms Naughty's site Bright DesireMs Naughty is an Australian blogger, educator, and porn producer. She runs Bright Desire and For the Girls, porn sites that offer well-made erotic content such as videos, documentaries, and fiction.

Having worked in the industry for 13 years, Ms Naughty is a strong voice in the landscape of female-produced porn. Recently she published her yearly Porn for Women Retrospective, which tirelessly tracks all the developments in the world of female-friendly porn in the past year.

In her retrospective, Ms Naughty notes a boom in feminist porn specifically, including the publication of The Feminist Porn Book, the eighth annual Feminist Porn Awards (and other great awards shows honoring feminist and queer porn), the inaugural Feminist Porn Conference, and the addition of Feminist Porn Release of the Year to the roster in the mainstream Xbiz Awards.

2013 also saw the untimely passing of Carlos Batts; the release of Courtney Trouble’s Lesbian Curves and Come Find Me, Tristan Taormino’s Guide to Kinky Sex for Couples and Guide to Bondage for Couples, and Erika Lust’s X-Confessions; the publication of What Do Women Want?: Adventures in the Science of Female Desire; and the launch of a new academic journal called Porn Studies. Meanwhile, several surveys attempted to discern how many women watch porn — with no clear-cut answer.

In addition to the retrospective, check out this compilation video about the Feminist Porn Awards and Conference, with many clips from Ms Naughty’s work as well as Tristan Taormino’s Expert Guide to Pegging:

Can’t get enough or want to delve further into the past? Read the rest of Ms Naughty’s retrospectives, dating all the way back to 2006!

2012 – Fifty Shades of Grey, romance porn, After Pornified and the growth of feminist porn.
2011 – Younger women using porn, more hot movies, sites and festivals.
2010 – “Hello Ladies,” queer fun, more hot movies and anti-porn crusades.
2009 – Oprah, awards, and increasing censorship.
2008 – Goodbye Playgirl, more queer porn, erotica book covers, The Porn Report and more.
2007 – That housework book, Daniel Craig in togs and blowjob debates.
2006 – Inaugural Feminist Porn Awards, CAKE and Ellora’s Cave.


Let’s Play with Rope Tonight!: A Friendly Introduction to Bondage

Sunday, March 23rd — 7:30 p.m. — $20

Are you intrigued by the idea of tying someone up and having your way with them, or perhaps being restrained while someone does delightfully kinky things to you? Well, this class is designed to be a friendly first step towards that goal!

This class will cover the many hot ways bondage can be used (it’s not just about dominance, folks!), address safety concerns, and teach three simple and functional ties. We will then experiment with creative ways of applying these basic techniques to put people in a variety of compromising positions. Handouts and online video links will be distributed to help remind you of key skills when you get home.

Please come wearing comfortable clothes that you can move around in. If you have rope or a soft mat, please bring them (otherwise we will have some extras that can be shared). You may want to come with a practice partner, but it isn’t necessary (please note that the $20 registration is per person). People of all genders and orientations are very welcome.

Chris is a happy, sex-positive perv who has been grinning his way through the kink scene for about eight years. He helps organize CockCircus, Seattle’s only public BDSM party for men, and enjoys evangelizing about the many virtues of bondage.

This class has already taken place. Thanks for attending!

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Tease a Peel: Classic Burlesque Peeling Techniques

Wednesday, April 2nd — 7:15 p.m. — $20

Orchestre L’Pow! producer Madison Moone is back by popular demand with a sultry class sure to awaken your inner diva!

Students will be guided through a sexy burlesque movement study including bumps, grinds and struts, followed by a tantalizing round of peeling techniques. We will explore classic tools of the trade such as nylon stockings and opera length gloves while learning graceful transitions to help you tease with ease! Class will conclude with a sassy group striptease, leaving you and your girlfriends feeling like glamazons!

Students should dress in comfortable clothes; shorts or a skirt are preferred. Please bring your favorite heels (slip ons are best), nylon stockings, and elbow length gloves for peeling. Miss Moone will have extras on hand. All levels of fitness welcome; no dance experience or nudity required. Please avoid alcohol consumption before attending and arrive by 7:15 p.m. Class will begin promptly at 7:30 p.m, with no late entrance after 7:45 p.m. No photographs are permitted.

This class has already taken place. Thanks for attending!

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Innovative condom prototypes given funding

A condom with pull tabsThe future of condoms is looking bright. Back in March, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation dangled a $1 million carrot in front of anyone who could invent a condom that “significantly preserves or enhances pleasure.” Now, after over 800 entries were submitted, the Foundation has chosen 11 to receive grants — and unveiled their prototypes.

Many of the condoms are crafted of new materials, such as thermoplastic elastomer (durable and stretchy polymers that don’t tear or deform as easily as latex), graphene (a carbon material currently used in cell phone screens that is one atom thick and virtually indestructible), polyethylene (a material that “wraps and clings rather than squeezes,” making it less restrictive), and even collagen fibrils from cow tendons (which feels like skin and enhances heat transfer).

Other innovators aim to make application more intuitive, as in the case of a condom with pull tabs, and the “Rapidom,” which is applied in a single motion, without the user ever touching the condom itself.

One of the inventors to be awarded a grant is a chemistry research professor and scientist at the University of Oregon. In his grant application, Richard Chartoff explained how he will use polymers to construct polyurethane condoms that are not just stronger and thinner than current condoms, but also one-size-fits-all — body heat will cause the molecules in the condom to contract, conforming it to the wearer. Additionally, Chartoff’s condoms will be embedded with nanoparticles that contain STI-fighting drugs.

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has dispersed $1 million among the 11 grant recipients, with the promise of an additional $1 million more for those who show the most promise after further development. Inventors now have 18 months to show that their condoms are safe, effective, and can be easily manufactured. Then they can apply for a second grant to scale up production and launch clinical trials.


Hips, Lips & Fingertips: Inspiring Ways to Take Your Guy Over the Edge with Ducky DooLittle

Ducky DooLittleThursday, March 6th — 7:30 p.m. — $25 — Q Center (3 blocks north of She Bop at 4115 N. Mississippi)

You’re loaded with assets. Join sex icon Ducky DooLittle and explore ways to make the most of what you got, from your hips — to your lips — to your fingertips! We are talking blowjobs, handjobs, sex positions and so much more!

Expect to learn things guys don’t even know about their own bodies, the truth about his pleasure anatomy, including his hottest spots and how to stimulate them, tips and techniques that will have him melting in your mouth and in your hands, sex secrets and desires guys are too shy to tell you, how to define what makes you sexy in his eyes, how to amp up your sex appeal, and fresh communication techniques that will have him eagerly asking how he can please you in return.

Ducky DooLittle is a sex educator and author from New York City. She is the author of Sex With the Lights On. She has appeared in the New York Times, HBO’s Real Sex, The Morning Show, MTV, NPR, The Howard Stern Show, and Playboy TV, to name a few.

This class has already taken place. Thanks for attending!


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