Full-Bodied Fellatio

Thursday, November 7th — 7:30 p.m. — $20

What do you do when your partner lacks blowjob skills? Where do you go for training when you wish to improve your own? Here!

M. Makael Newby is a relationship coach and dance instructor with a particular skill for breaking physical action into components and teaching them with enthusiasm… and blowjobs are one of her favorite things. This class will educate both the givers and receivers. Come learn about creating anticipation, communication, preparing for success, hand skills, tongue tricks, prostate massage, deep throating, sloppy BJs, choking and forced gagging for both bio and strap-on penises. Live demo (on dildo) included.

Many of these techniques are included in My Erotic Adventure, her choose-your-own styled erotic novel. Get empowered to give and receive extraordinary head!

Limited space available — sign up online!


Back to school sale — 15% off!

Back to school sale!

It’s back to school season again, and as we’ve done in the past, we’re putting some great stuff on sale! Sunday, September 1st through Saturday, September 7th, select items will be 15% off. So stop in the shop or order online to take advantage of the savings. Here’s a run-down of what’s on sale!

Lube and condoms are must-haves, so Almost Naked lube, Sir Richards condom boxes, and Just In Case condom cases are on sale, as are uber-useful GladRags reusable menstrual pads.

While you may be formally learning about chemistry or art history, how about some alternative schooling? All 2009 and 2010 “best of” erotica collections are on sale, as is Because It Feels GoodThe Ultimate Guide to Prostate Pleasure, and The Collection.

Surely you’ll need a break from all of your studying, so we have a plethora of sex toy suggestions for you as well! In need of a vibe? The Easy Glider, Turbo Glider, Silk Touch Egg, Luv Your Body Massager, Toyfriend Coney, Rocket Toyfriend Starlet, Gossip Ring, and Club Vibe are all 15% off and perfect for relieving stress. Even some swanky rechargeables are on sale: the LELO Gigi, Je Joue FiFi, LELO Lily, Je Joue Uma, and all the rechargeable Fun Factory Minivibes! (Hint: rechargeables tend to be some of the quietest vibes.)

Need to take a bath and wash your cares away? Get a large Paris Duckie or travel-size Devil Duckie to join you. Or amp up your partner play with the New Comers Harness & Dildo Kit.

Check out our sale section to see all sale items in one place!


Industry Spotlight: Joanna Angel

Joanna Angel, photo by Brad DececcoRaised an Orthodox Jew in northern New Jersey, Joanna Angel was a shy wallflower with a rebellious streak. In ninth grade, she pierced her bellybutton and started attending punk shows and political protests. She dyed her hair pink. She got her first tattoo on her 18th birthday — a theater mask with the words “so it goes” underneath.

As a college student at Rutgers University, her aspirations for her future changed with the wind. She was interested in human rights and philanthropy. She interned at a few magazines (including Nerve) and considered becoming a journalist or poet. Sometimes she fantasized about traveling the world.

But in her last year of college, with graduation on the horizon, her roommate proposed a unique business venture for them both: a porn site.

Drawn to the idea of doing something creative, being her own boss, and bucking the system in the process, she casually agreed. They found a friend who knew some HTML, took some topless photos, interviewed friends’ bands, wrote a few erotic stories, and launched in April of 2002. Joanna Angel had no idea where it would go:

To me, it was just a funny project that me and my friend were working on. I was in the punk rock scene, I was politically active and I went to protests – I was in this subculture that was trying to get the world’s attention, whether it was by the clothing we wore or things we were saying; we were always trying to tell the world something. Nobody was ever listening until I put a few naked girls on a website and everybody turns around and has something to say about it. I really liked that. Everybody has some sort of feelings toward porn, whether they love it, hate it or they’re uncomfortable . . . But I saw that porn was powerful — and that really enticed me.

Although Angel had never envisioned a career in the porn industry, she couldn’t stop coming up with new ideas for the site. By the time she graduated with a degree in English Literature and a minor in Film Studies, Burning Angel had been chugging along for a year. One year after that, she started shooting — and starring — in videos for the site. She found it much more exhilarating than taking still photos.

Angel went into porn completely unaware of the industry landscape, but that helped her much more than it hurt her. She simply shot what she wanted to shoot with people she found attractive, in scenarios that appealed to her rock ‘n’ roll aesthetic. And so, Burning Angel became a reflection of her community and culture — where ladies with tattoos, piercings, and candy-colored hair were the norm. The site came onto the scene before the word “alt” was ever coined to describe a genre of porn. But once it was, it was applied liberally to Joanna Angel’s work.

As the owner of Burning Angel, Angel is involved in every aspect of the business, from writing scripts to casting, directing, editing, and producing. She chooses new performers based on both appearance and personality, looking for a certain edgy spark. As a huge music lover, she works with bands and labels to put their music in her movies, and sometimes dabbles in songwriting herself. (She even received an AVN award nomination for her original song “Rock and Roll in my Butthole.”)

Burning Angel is loved for its often horror-themed parodies, such as The XXXorcistEvil Head, and the latest addition, The Walking Dead: A Hardcore Parody. But the completely original efforts such as Baristas also stand out for their excellent writing, creative plot lines, and of course, hot sex.

Always, Burning Angel scenes and movies are colorful, sexy, and campy. Angel has said of viewers, “if they don’t get aroused, but laugh — at least they laughed.” It’s also really important to her that her female performers have orgasms.

Now in her eleventh year as CEO of Burning Angel, Joanna Angel has directed over 70 movies and won a host of AVN Awards, including “Most Outrageous Sex Scene” for her zombie movie Re-Penetrator (in which she kills her sex partner by pulling his intestines out). now boasts over 300 performers and 900 scenes, along with live shows, album reviews, band interviews, and an extensive community in which members and performers alike can interact. Like punk rock, the site is a bit of a subculture of its own.

Joanna Angel’s fame has even spawned a line of sex toys and landed her a few “mainstream” gigs, such as roles in indie horror films — but she has no plans to depart from her porn empire. She is perpetually busy, but when she does get a little downtime, she likes to try new recipes, drink wine, watch Teen Mom, and play Super Mario.

Listen to Joanna Angel’s recent interview on Tristan Taormino’s Sex Out Loud radio show, and follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and on her website, Burning Angel.

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Win tickets to Orchestre L’Pow!’s Big Time! Speakeasy

Yes, it’s true — we’re giving away tickets to Orchestre L’Pow’s upcoming prohibition-era themed burlesque show, Big Time! Speakeasy!

Big Time! Speakeasy will take place Saturday, September 28th at the Bossanova Ballroom. Best of all, we’re giving away a balcony group VIP table! This means the winner will be able to bring three friends with them to the show! (Scroll to the bottom for entry form.)

The show will begin in the more intimate upstairs bar and game room for a pre-show cocktail soirée featuring Seattle’s The Bad Things! The fun will then move downstairs to the main stage for burlesque performances by Jeez Loueez, Russell Bruner, The Infamous Nina Nightshade, Itty Bitty Bang Bang!, and Hyacinth Lee. Orchestre L’Pow! will be making a nod to speakeasies from the Roaring Twenties to the Swinging Sixties, performing music from Benny Goodman, Henri Mancini, The Shadows and The Replacements among others; all filtered through Orchestre L’Pow!’s post-punk big band sound. Hosting this shindig will be none other than internationally acclaimed burlesque MC, Vincent Drambuie.

One things for certain, it’s going to be a sultry, smoky night that Portland burlesque fans won’t soon forget. Here’s a taste of what you’ll get to see if you win:

Enter to win a balcony group VIP table at Big Time! Speakeasy using the Rafflecopter widget below. You may login via Facebook or use your name and email address. There is only one mandatory entry (subscribe to this blog); the rest are optional for a better chance to win.

Winner must be over 21. We will notify the winner via email on September 23rd.

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The havoc toxic toys can wreak on the body

Toxic jelly toys, photo by Pantophile PanicThe sex toy industry is largely void of any sort of regulation, so unless you shop with a trusted retailer like us, you don’t know what kinds of chemicals might be lurking in your toys.

We know that unsafe materials like jelly can degrade, melt, off-gas, and harbor bacteria. And we’ve definitely heard horror stories about reactions people have had to toxic toys: burning, rashes, bacterial infections, and more. But even we were surprised by the severity of the health problems that sex blogger Pantophile Panic experienced due to use of unsafe sex toys.

Here’s what happened: PP didn’t know about phthalates or the dangers of toxic toys. She had amassed a sex toy collection of over 100 toys and accessories, but she hadn’t spent more than $20 on any single toy. All the money she saved, though, “made up for itself in hospital bills”:

That year, through early 2013, I developed extreme headaches, nausea, lower back pain, and severe discomfort when urinating. This was unbearable when experienced on top of my pre-existing PGAD and chronic pelvic pain. I spent most of my time (and money) at urgent care, where they dismissed me as just imagining the symptoms, and told me to check with my PCP if the pain persisted. My regular doctor was unavailable at the time, and the pain just kept getting worse. Eventually, it got to the point that I couldn’t walk or hold down food because of the pain.

I had to go to the hospital.

As it turns out, I had a urinary tract infection that had spread to my kidneys. I was also suffering from what seemed to be an extreme allergic reaction in my vaginal walls that the doctors mistakenly suspected to be from using latex condoms. I like to think of myself as an extremely hygienic person, I am not prone to UTIs either, and I am certainly not allergic to latex or any spermicides. It wasn’t until I started using jelly toys that I started getting infections on a regular basis. After doing some research, I also learned that my “allergic reaction” was actually chemical burn.

The toxic sex toys were to blame for PP’s urinary tract infection. They were almost all porous jelly toys that could not be properly sanitized. Bacteria, which had become trapped on the surfaces of the toys, had caused the infection.

As a temporary solution, PP used condoms over her toys…  but the mere smell of the toys gave her migraines. So finally, she decided to rid herself of her entire collection, save for a We-Vibe 2 and a handful of hard plastic vibes. She also discovered a wealth of information online, such as sex toy reviewers and sex educators. Now, thank goodness, her collection is comprised solely of safe toys.

This is quite the cautionary tale, and we appreciate Pantophile Panic so much for taking the time to tell it. This story is exactly why part of our mission is to educate consumers about unsafe sex toys. Fill your toybox, as Pantophile Panic now has, with body-safe toys that will last a lifetime. It may cost more up-front, but your health is worth it.

Have you had a reaction to a sex toy before?


Orgasms better for your brain than puzzles

Photo via GettyNext time you find yourself reaching for your book of Sudoku puzzles, perhaps you should be reaching for a partner or a sex toy instead.

Researchers Barry Komisaruk and Nan Wise at Rutgers have discovered that orgasms increase blood flow to more parts of the brain than mental exercises. Orgasms even bring nutrients and oxygen to the brain to keep it healthy! Those measly little puzzles, on the other hand, only increase brain activity in certain regions.

The study involved female subjects lying down in fMRI machines and bringing themselves to orgasm, which obviously presented some challenges for participants. Kayt Sukel, a volunteer for the study, has written a few pieces about her experience, complete with a picture of the “Orgasm Mask” she had to wear:

Komisaruk’s associate, PhD student and sex therapist Nan Wise, walked me through the procedure. She said to help keep movement to a minimum (and the data clean), I would be fitted with a breathable plastic mesh helmet that would be screwed to the scanner bed. I’d be locked in and need the assistance of others to get out of the contraption.

. . . “I know you can do it. Just practice,” she said. “You know what they say. Practice makes perfect!”

For the next two weeks, I did just that. To help optimise my body movement for fMRI, I attached a small bell – an ornament belonging to my cat – to my forehead with some duct tape.

Wise was right. With practice I diminished any jingling sound to something manageable, no matter how raucous I may have felt on the inside. And once she and Komisaruk had bolted me to the scanner bed, while it wasn’t easy to work up to an orgasm, I found it wasn’t quite as difficult as I had imagined.

We thank you for your public service, Kayt! And are impressed with your ingenuity.

Of course, it probably takes a lot longer to solve a crossword puzzle than an orgasm lasts, but… that’s just a good reason to have more and more of them.

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HUMP! submission deadline September 30th

Hard to believe, but fall is fast approaching, and with the turning of the leaves comes one of our favorite events of the year — HUMP!, the Northwest’s most lovable and hilarious amateur porn film festival.

HUMP!’s aim is to help you be a porn star for a weekend, not for life. All genders, sexual orientations, and most fetishes are welcome, as are all styles of film, such as hardcore, softcore, live action, and even animated. The only real requirement is that films be under five minutes in length. Films are screened in November at theaters in Portland and Seattle, then destroyed in front of the audience at the final screening.

There are prizes galore for the audience-voted best films at HUMP! — $1,000 first prizes for the best of each category, $250 for runners-up, and a whopping $5,000 for Best in Show. There are no entry fees. If your film is selected for inclusion in the festival, you will receive four complimentary tickets to a HUMP! screening in the city closest to you.

The submission deadline this year is September 30th, so we suggest acting fast if you want to make a film. All submission requirements and info can be found here. Have an idea, but need cast, crew, or filmmakers? Check the HUMP! classifieds.

P.S. The extra credit props this year are bowling pins, butt plugs, and Hillary Clinton. We can help you out with one of those!

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Back That Ass Up!

Wednesday, September 18th — 7:30 p.m. — $15

AJ (aka Amory Jane)Are you interested in anal pleasure but not sure where to get started? Already tried anal play but wanting to learn some fun tricks and techniques? Whether you’re brand new to the wonderful world of anal or already have some backdoor experience, this class is sure to teach you something new!

In this educational and humorous workshop, AJ will confront taboos, go over anal anatomy, prostate, and the G-spot, discuss anal penetration for beginners, and show great positions for anal sex. She’ll also cover safety and hygiene and give you the inside scoop on all the best lubes and anal toys! This class is open to all genders and sexual appetites.

AJ (aka Amory Jane) is one of She Bop’s in-house sex educators. She graduated with a master’s degree from Lewis & Clark College, where she studied Sex Therapy and Marriage, Couple, & Family Counseling. She has facilitated multiple discussion groups and taught dozens of sex education workshops around Portland and the Midwest. She also moonlights as a sex-positive relationship coach.

Limited space available — sign up online!


August is Anal Pleasure Month!

Good Vibrations has declared August Anal Pleasure Month, and who are we to argue?!

Together with Tristan Taormino, the staff at Good Vibes put together an anal pleasure timeline that recounts milestones and depictions of anal pleasure in pop culture, media, and society, with nods to many groundbreaking books, DVDs, and toys we carry: Tristan Taormino’s Expert Guide to PeggingThe Ultimate Guide to Prostate PleasureThe Adventurous Couple’s Guide to Strap-On SexTristan Taormino’s Expert Guide to Anal Pleasure for Men, The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Men, and the Aneros line of prostate toys.

This milestone is also great, from 1977:

On an episode of the popular game show The Newlywed Game, host Bob Eubanks asks, “Where’s the strangest place you’ve ever had the urge to make whoopee?” A contestant named Olga replies: “In the ass.” Her answer is bleeped when it airs on television…

If you want to read chronologically, start at the bottom and work your way up.

Anal History Timeline

Want to celebrate Anal Pleasure Month in style? Peruse our anal toys and books on anal sex!


The Art of the Female Orgasm with Ducky DooLittle

Ducky DoolittleThursday, October 10th — 7:30 p.m. — $20 — Q Center (3 blocks north of She Bop at 4115 N. Mississippi)

Oh la la! The female body is a deep pool of pleasure, and Ducky DooLittle is here to teach you how to swim. She will demystify the female body, from erogenous zones, to the vulva, clit, G-spot, female ejaculation, pelvic muscles, and even anal pleasure. This workshop is for anyone with a vagina and those who love them.

Expect to learn how to have (give) a better orgasm that very night, how to expand your orgasms, have multiple orgasms or how to orgasm if you never have, the truth about the G-spot and female ejaculation, why you might feel like you have to pee during sex and how to stop that, and the truth about which sex toys will take you over the edge, plus which products are the healthiest, highest quality and have the best price.

Together we’ll compare ancient Eastern knowledge, current scientific data, personal discoveries, tips and techniques and send you home with a wealth of orgasmic knowledge and resources. Walk away understanding why some touches deliver amazing stimulation and how to draw deeper orgasmic responses.

Ducky DooLittle is a sex educator and author from New York City. She is the author of Sex With the Lights On. She has appeared in the New York Times, HBO’s Real Sex, The Morning Show, MTV, NPR, The Howard Stern Show, and Playboy TV, to name a few.

Limited space available — sign up online!


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