Wanted: Sex Toy Maven

We are seeking some highly energetic and professional individuals to fill full-time and part-time positions as sales associates and educators. She Bop is a female friendly sex toy boutique specializing in body safe products and education. We offer a fun, safe, comfortable and sex-positive environment for people of all genders, sexual orientations and social backgrounds. Duties include, but are not limited to: assisting and educating customers on the floor, ringing up customers, daily light cleaning, unpacking shipments and entering products into the POS system and website, answering the phone, assisting with afterhours parties and classes, filling website orders, and twice yearly inventory.

We are hiring for 32+ hours/week. Applicant must be available to work weekend hours. This position starts at $10/hr. At least 2 years retail/customer service experience required. Previous sex toy sales experience or knowledge preferred. Sexuality education background/knowledge preferred. You must be 18 years or older to apply for this position.

If you are interested in joining our little team please call 503-450-9901 and leave a message telling us why you think you would be a good fit for this position. You will only have 60 seconds so keep it brief and to the point. In addition, please email your resume to — be sure to put your name as the first thing in the subject line. Thanks!


A remote-controlled vibrator for modern times

OhMiBod blueMotion, photo from NerveFor years, the world has been waiting for a remote-controlled vibrator that works over long distances. Most remote-controlled toys have a range of 10-40 feet. The new OhMiBod blueMotion has a range of “wherever you get cell phone reception.” If this sounds implausible, early tests show that the vibe can even be controlled from a plane.

Of course, while the range is certainly impressive, what matters more is the experience that users have interacting with the toy. Luckily for us, Nerve writer Samantha Greene found a willing person to get her off from afar, then documented her experience for the site’s popular column “I Did It For Science.”

Greene used hookup app Tinder to search for a guinea pig, eventually finding a guy 200 miles away named Patrick. After some flirtation involving ice cream emojis and small talk, she asked if he wanted to participate in her vibrator experiment. He agreed.

There was some fumbling at the outset due to all the logging in, friending, and syncing, but once the actual experience started, Greene was on board. So was Patrick.

The app has a lot of uncanny settings and features designed to help imitate and build upon the wonders of physical human touch. There’s a feature where a user can record their voice and corresponding vibrations will buzz out into the other user’s vibe. There’s a tap function, where the controller has full domain over the pattern and longevity of the pulses. Then there are custom patterns, built-in vibrations, and wave settings. I had only told Patrick, who had never used a vibrator with a woman in the bedroom before, that he should, “You know, start slow and then build up in a steady rhythm. Like you would in person. Then you’re golden.”

. . . He was on the tap function for what seemed a while. He followed the “start slow” direction, and I was pretty grateful . . . I was now turned on and needed to get off, but I also needed to communicate with my lab partner, tell him the rights and wrongs, and help him finish. If anything, we were communicating more than I ever would with a random drunken hookup. I don’t even go into some random drunken hookups with the expectation that I will get anything out of it. Here, I was getting everything.

It was the “Wave” function that eventually brought Greene over the edge. Afterward, they exchanged heart emojis. “It was fun,” Patrick said. “I’m not sure I’d normally seek it out, but it was kinda hot.” He only wished they could cuddle.

Greene was also pleasantly surprised.

It hadn’t been as absurd as I’d thought. It’d been completely enjoyable, in most ways. At the end of the day, we were still two libidos on the end of a phone with one another. We were still just two people who had shared the fits and starts of a first sweaty, complicated night sharing our bodies together. We just weren’t together.

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Mutual Masturbation: Give Yourself a Hand!

Elle ChaseSunday, October 12th — 7:30 p.m. — $20

Casual or long-term relationships of all kinds can benefit from new skills or from re-framing old ones. In this class, Elle Chase will talk about how solo and partnered play is an erotic activity that’s not only smokin’ hot, but can intimately connect you with your partner, whether you’ve been together 20 years or 20 minutes.

This class will encourage you to discover and explore new areas of your sexual appetite safely, while working at your most comfortable pace. Whatever your sexual identity or gender preference, new lovers, experienced lovers, and novices alike will learn a new (or improved) trick or two to add to their sexual repertoire.

Elle Chase is passionate about passion. A Los Angeles sex educator, writer, speaker and coach, Elle focuses on positive body image, reigniting sexual expression, and better sex after 40. She speaks at sexuality conferences, gives workshops across the country, and publishes erotica and sexuality articles. Her highly trafficked websites, Lady Cheeky and Smut for Smarties, have both garnered multiple awards. In Los Angeles, Elle is a sex coach and is Director of Education at the Los Angeles Academy of Sex Education. You can find her at her website and on Twitter @TheElleChase.

Limited space available — sign up online!


Full-Bodied Fellatio

Thursday, October 30th — 7:30 p.m. — $20

What do you do when your partner lacks blowjob skills? Where do you go for training when you wish to improve your own? Here!

M. Makael Newby is a relationship coach and dance instructor with a particular skill for breaking physical action into components and teaching them with enthusiasm… and blowjobs are one of her favorite things. This class will educate both the givers and receivers. Come learn about creating anticipation, communication, preparing for success, hand skills, tongue tricks, prostate massage, deep throating, sloppy BJs, choking and forced gagging for both bio and strap-on penises. Live demo (on dildo) included.

Many of these techniques are included in My Erotic Adventure, her choose-your-own styled erotic novel. Get empowered to give and receive extraordinary head!

Limited space available — sign up online!


Beyond Monogamy

AJ (aka Amory Jane) Thursday, October 9th — 7:30 p.m. — $20

A growing number of people are exploring alternatives to monogamy, through swinging, polyamory, and other types of open relationships. If you or someone you know are one of those people, this might be the workshop for you!

Whether you are curious about opening up, already enjoying polyamory and wanting to do it even better, or facing obstacles in your non-monogamous relationship, AJ will help walk you through the challenges and benefits of ethical non-monogamy. She will discuss different styles of open relationships, talk about how to deal with common issues such as jealousy, resentment, time management, miscommunication, and New Relationship Energy (NRE), and will offer tips on dating/meeting new people, navigating different relationship structures and hierarchies, and coming out poly.

In this interactive workshop, AJ will guide participants through exercises that help them negotiate agreements/boundaries, design their own ideal open relationships, and practice nonviolent communication for deeper, more fulfilling connections. There will also be the option to hear about real-life triumphs and tribulations of other non-mono people in addition to learning how to find and build community. This is a 2-hour class.

AJ (aka Amory Jane) is one of She Bop’s in-house sex educators. She graduated with a master’s degree from Lewis & Clark College, where she studied Sex Therapy and Marriage, Couple, & Family Counseling. She has facilitated multiple discussion groups and taught dozens of sex education workshops around Portland and the Midwest. She also moonlights as a relationship coach, working with polyamorous individuals and couples in open relationships. AJ is an active member of the Portland poly community.

Limited space available — sign up online!


10% Tuesdays in August for Bitch Media

10% Tuesdays for Bitch are back! Throughout the month of August, 10% of our sales on Tuesdays will go to the non-profit organization Bitch Media. Bitch’s mission is to provide and encourage an engaged, thoughtful feminist response to mainstream media and popular culture.

Check out Bitch’s toy, lube, and book recommendations for some ideas on what to snag!

We are big fans of Bitch, and we believe they are an invaluable voice in the feminist discourse. In fact, we constantly find ourselves wanting to signal boost the stuff they publish — like their interview with the author of Big Big Love, their sex worker series “The H-Word,” their interview with sex diary purveyor Arianne Cohen, and their BDSM series “Thinking Kink.”

But it’s not just their blog that’s amazing; their print magazine, which has been in circulation since 1996, is still going strong. Bitch also hosts awesome events, fosters a community lending library at their headquarters in NE Portland, and publishes an array of fun podcasts for your listening pleasure. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter for up-to-the-minute tidbits!

Whether you are a long-time devotee or a newbie to this awesome magazine and non-profit organization, you can now be a supporter and get some fabulous sex toys to boot. Drop by She Bop or shop online on any Tuesday in August to support Bitch!


The internal condom gets new life

© Giles RevellDespite having been on the market for over 20 years, an air of mystery continues to surround the internal condom. Worn internally during sex, this nitrile pouch with a flexible ring at each end can be 95% effective at preventing pregnancy and STIs, yet it remains difficult to find in stores and accounts for only 1.6% of condoms distributed worldwide.

Although commonly known as the “female condom,” the internal condom is used by people of all genders. There are many reasons to love this condom, as blogger and sex educator the Redhead Bedhead has pointed out — it doesn’t require an erection, it’s excellent for period sex, it’s empowering. It can also be a great option during anal sex. This unique contraceptive has the potential to become much more common, but its bumpy start caused misconceptions that plague it to this day.

The internal condom was invented by Danish doctor and inventor Lasse Hessel. Pharmaceutical company Wisconsin Pharmacal bought the rights to the technology in the late 80s, but it took six years for the FDA — which classified the condom as a high-risk class III medical device — to approve it.

When the FC1 internal condom hit the market in 1993, public health experts were thrilled… but consumers weren’t. Focus groups had liked the idea of the condom, but in use, they found it too foreign and confusing. It was also expensive: $5 per condom. As Emily Anthes reports in her detailed history of the condom:

Though some women did eventually come to like the condoms, there was a definite learning curve and as many as one-third to one-half of women had difficulty inserting them. Once in place, the condom had a tendency to squeak or rustle during sex.

The media pounced on these complaints, and utterly skewered the female condom. They ridiculed its aesthetics with seemingly limitless creativity. As sociologist Amy Kaler recounts in her 2004 paper on the condom’s introduction, journalists compared the product to: “a jellyfish, a windsock, a fire hose, a colostomy bag, a Baggie, gumboots, a concertina, a plastic freezer bag, . . . something out of the science-fiction cartoon The Jetsons, a raincoat for a Slinky toy, or a ‘contraption used to punish fallen virgins in the Dark Ages.'”

The barrage of negative press led the crew at Wisconsin Pharmacal to focus their efforts elsewhere. In 1996, they turned toward the global public sector, providing their condoms for at-risk women in low-income countries. Particularly in sub-Saharan Africa, where many women were being diagnosed with HIV, the internal condom made a huge impact.

Encouraged by this response, Wisconsin Pharmacal changed its name to the Female Health Company and made one important alteration to their product: the material. They switched from polyurethane to nitrile, making the condom less noisy and less expensive. This new generation was called the FC2. Between 2007 and 2010, the number of internal condoms distributed globally doubled.

Luckily for us, innovation is everywhere when it comes to modern condoms. Last year, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation awarded $1 million in grants to 11 condom prototypes, including a condom with pull tabs and another which reacts to body heat and conforms to the wearer.

Quite a few internal condom designs are also in the works. An Indian condom company makes the Cupid, which offers internal stability from a foam sponge. The Phoenurse, currently sold in China, comes with an optional insertion stick. The Origami Condom from Los Angeles is made of silicone and unfolds like an accordion when inserted.

Perhaps the most promising and thoroughly researched is the Woman’s Condom, created by global health nonprofit PATH. Starting all the way back in 1998, PATH began consulting focus groups in South Africa, Thailand, Mexico, and the U.S., asking what folks wanted from internal condoms. 300 prototypes later, they hit pay-dirt by implementing a dissolving applicator. The capsule-sized applicator is easily pushed into the vagina, where it releases the full condom pouch. Testers have deemed this condom comfortable, stable, and easy to insert.

But a lot depends on educating the public. There are still myths and confusions surrounding the internal condom that need to be dispelled. We could definitely take a hint from Zimbabwe, Malawi, and Cameroon, where salons and barbershops serve as distribution centers, and Africa, where the condoms are advertised on billboards, TV, and the radio. With the right innovation and advocacy, the internal condom could get the respect it deserves.

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The not-so-secret lives of erotica writers

Erotica books

Never Say Never, Playing with Fire: Taboo Erotica, The Mile High Club,
Pleasure Bound: True Bondage Stories, Lust: Erotic Fantasies for Women

In some ways, erotica authors are just like the rest of the population. But not in every way.

Ebook recommendation website The Fussy Librarian recently surveyed 103 authors of erotic romance novels, with some interesting results.  The vast majority of respondents were heterosexual married women aged 24-54. The average age that they lost their virginity was 17.8, compared to the U.S. average of 17.1. 28% of them have had more than 11 partners, compared to the national average of 9%.

Apparently, erotica writers don’t have sex any more frequently than average Americans, but they are more likely to have engaged in threesomes, practiced BDSM, and had sex in unique locations such as offices, cars, planes, and outdoors.

Speaking of unique locations, the really salacious responses came when the survey asked respondents for the most unusual place they’ve had sex. Even just among these 103 people, folks have had sex on stage at a concert, on a horse, in a canoe, on a stack of drywall in a home under construction, in a cemetery, on the Haunted Mansion ride at Disney World, and… at The Louvre.

46% of respondents have had sex as “research” for a book, and 76% have based a scene in one of their books on something that actually happened to them. So, don’t worry about whether that hot scene you love was plucked out of the sky — it was more likely to have been based on a true experience!

Finally, in case you were wondering, respondents would rate the novel Fifty Shades of Grey 2.2 stars out of 5. Ouch.

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We’re on Oh Joy Sex Toy — and voted the #1 sex toy shop in Portland!

When we invited Portland cartoonist and Oh Joy Sex Toy creator Erika Moen to attended two of our most popular classes, Full-Bodied Fellatio and Beyond Monogamy, we knew the resulting comic would be awesome. But nothing could have prepared us for just how awesome.

She Bop on Oh Joy Sex Toy!

Not only did Erika draw an excellent depiction of our class instructors AJ and M. Makael Newby, she meticulously illustrated the shop itself… and had so many nice things to say about her experience at each class!

AJ was fun and engaging, packing a TON of information into two hours. My favorite bit was the Jealousy Jellyfish she used to breakdown the different components of the ol’ Green Eyed Monster.

The diversity of the attendees surprised me! I guess I was expecting middle-aged, heterosexual, cisgender, married couples who’ve been together a couple decades and are now interested in swinging. But the ages and genders and sexual orientations of the people who showed up was quite a mix — and so were their reasons for attending!

. . . Despite the vast difference in subject matter and presentation format between these two classes, they both managed to be very high energy. She Bop felt very welcoming, friendly, and like a safe place to get feedback on super intimate questions.

We are so glad Erika enjoyed the classes and took the time to immortalize them in digital comic form! We run these two classes on a pretty regular schedule, so be sure to keep an eye on our events page or sign up for our monthly email newsletter to snag a spot in the next one.

She Bop in the Mercury's PDX Approved guide 2014In other news, we were voted the #1 sex toy shop in Portland in the Mercury‘s PDX Approved guide! This is our fourth year being included. We remember back in 2011 when the category was called simply “porn shop.” In 2012, it became “porn / sex toy shop” and the Mercury published a really cool write-up about us. Each year, we are honored!

A resounding THANK YOU to everyone who voted for us in the Mercury‘s ballot. We appreciate your support! And congratulations to our fellow shops Fantasy and Spartacus — it’s great to have so many fun places to shop in Portland!


Prostate Pleasure

Charlie GlickmanSunday, September 28th — 7:30 p.m. — $25 — Q Center

This class will be held at She Bop.

More people are discovering the amazing pleasure potential of the prostate, aka the male G-spot. Prostate massage, pegging, and anal sex for men can bring you to new heights of sensation and Charlie Glickman PhD, one of the authors of The Ultimate Guide to Prostate Pleasure, is here to tell you all about it.

He’ll explain the role of the prostate in sexual arousal and orgasm, give you lots of tips for easy and pleasurable anal penetration, tell you all about prostate massage, show you the best toys for strap-on play and pegging, offer ideas for combining prostate play with other kinds of sex, and much more. Whether you’re new to the idea of prostate play or you’re an experienced enthusiast, Charlie has plenty to offer you, so come discover new ways to make your partner’s toes curl!

Find out more about Charlie on his website or on Twitter and Facebook. For Charlie’s sex coaching and sexological bodywork services, visit

Limited space available — sign up online!


The Joys of Toys!

Wednesday, September 24th — 7:30 p.m. — $15

AJ (aka Amory Jane) as a sex toy superhero!Join She Bop’s very own AJ (aka Amory Jane, pictured here as a sex toy superhero!) for an evening of education and fun. Ever wandered around a sex toy shop and wondered “what the heck is that?” Never fear, AJ will answer those burning (in a good way) questions and then some!

In this class you will learn how sex toys originated and have advanced throughout history. AJ will explain the different types of toys, what they are used for and what they are made from, including vibrators, dildos, kegel exercisers, anal toys, toys for BDSM and more. Of course, don’t forget one of the most important things of all… yes, that would be lube! AJ will go over the different types of lube, as well as the ingredients to be aware of when selecting the best product for you. She will also address how to clean and store your toys so that you can enjoy them for as long as possible.

As a special bonus, class attendees get 10% off their purchases in She Bop the night of the class!

This workshop is open to all genders and sexual appetites!

Limited space available — sign up online!


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