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Anal Pleasure & Health - 4th ed.

Anal Pleasure & Health - 4th ed.


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By: Entrenue

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A landmark book first published in 1981, Anal Pleasure & Health is the original guide to anal eroticism. Now in its updated fourth edition, this is the most insightful version yet, including all new anatomy illustrations and more detailed information about the amazing muscles of the pelvic floor.

The anus is one of the human body's most wondrous creations — elegant, efficient, and richly supplied with pleasure nerves. However, stress and ignorance can turn the anus and its functions from a source of delight into a painful disability. This book, written by therapist and sexologist Jack Morin, Ph.D., includes information and exercises to open the door to new sources of comfort and gratification. You'll unlearn habits that can cause everything from hemorrhoids to chronic pelvic pain — and learn new ways of achieving solo and partnered pleasures through this humblest of portals.

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